Monthly Archives: May 2006


I just listened to the Inside the Net episode about MESH and it got me thinking about edu tech.  Unlike SXSW where everyone was a techie, MESH had techies and suits.  I liked that a lot of the workshops were how to start something like podcasting 101 or wikis 101.  I have to look out for when they come out on ITC.  There is a lot of value in corporations learning from startups, or old people learning from the young, instead of the other way around.  People pay so much to go to workshops and buy books from "experts" when I think a lot of people will give away their knowledge for free.  If only they had better tools and a better understanding of teaching.  I don't think startups will give away their secret business models or what makes them unique but the common stuff like web hosting, or web design, or what language to use can be shared with everyone.  


Lazy Wednesday

Actually it's been lazy last week.  Since wrecking my sleeping schedule with taking my mom to the doctor and my cousin to the airport.  And having the spurs lose, my sleeping has been terrible.  I just haven't had the energy to do much.  Well today I hope to do some productive things.  I want to run or ride my bike inside today for a bit, and maybe listen to some podcasts.  Then later i'm going to flying saucer to drink it up and maybe go see a movie.  I'm already thinking of just crashing.  I slept so much yesterday.  Maybe a nap.  Then I'll do something.  

LOST note card

Well I lost the notecard that I had all my good edu tech ideas but i’ll try and remember them for this post.  I got some of these ideas while listening to podcasts about microformats and the BayCHI one with Netflix, Digg, Flickr, and some other people.  I was just thinking that the products and services out right now are for pretty basic things like bookmarks, news, renting movies.  All of these things have exisited either in RL or on the web for a while.  I had the idea of making a page of links and put them in an educational context.  I still need to see how people learn online.  That would be first.  But then making those links in edu tags but then make them sort of 3 dimensional.  On two scales from quality (low to high) and experience needed or adv level (n00b to pro).  Then you put them on an axis, quality on y and exp on x and then you see all the links on like a graph.  Then what you would do is skip on the surface.  Taking the best of the easiest links starting at n00b and moving on to pro.  There would be much more links in the middle maybe?  Sort of like a bell curve thing.  Of course this is just a simple category thing, rate each link twice.  It might work, it might not.  I just want to make all the CSS tutorials out there less like reading 100 websites into read this book online and follow along in another window where you can play with the css of your site.  Something for me to think about later.

O’Connor Outlook Outtakes

Yeah I know the guy in the turban, Raj.  He's pretty cool.  I'll have to bring up the quality of this site later.  Later.

Personal Rant

My contacts are effing killing me.  Also running yesterday is killing me.  I'm emotionally spent from the spurs victory today as well.  So i've pretty much been very unproductive.  I hope to stay up for a couple of hours and then sleep at a good time but that doesn't look like it's going to happen.  As soon as I finish this post i'm going to crash.  So let's see what I want to do tomorrow.  First I need to read and take some more notes on Getting Things Done.  Then i'll probably brainstorm some actionable items since I didn't really do anything today.  I'll work through my books on CSS and MySQL.  I just found out I've got to take my mom to the doctor frist thing.  So all those things will be second things.  Maybe I'll have time to catch up on some podcasts.  This is something something, saying something.

Darpa Grand Challenge

I just watched the NOVA episode about the Grand Challenge desert robot race.  I read about it in Wired awhile back but I just saw the tv program.  Google and BP pay hosting for NOVA to stream shows.  They also host Elegant Universe of which I've seen about a fifth of the chapters.  Anyway, I found a comment that the leader of the Stanford Team made interesting.  The idea behind their driving mechanism is to let the car learn about it's terrain instead of giving it tons of rules.  He compared it to the way kids learn.  You don't tell a kid every single rule about everything.  You just tell them don't talk to strangers, look both ways, share, don't hit other people, etc.  And from those things they can abstract more complex rules for other situations.  I was thinking how can edu tech benefit from that.  There is no one making a grand education challenge.  Making it easier to build on and at the same time simplify learning will be challenging but I don't think it'll have millions of dollars or brilliant minds.  Well maybe one brilliant mind.  I should go hunting later.   

New blog extension

So this is my first post from a firefox extension called performancing.  I’m also listening to a really cool podrunner track at 130bpm.  My energy has been really low since taking care of my mom yesterday after her surgery and then taking my cousin to the airport early this morning.  I’ve got my notecards but I don’t feel like doing any of the steps on them.  I guess I should keep reading GTD and either go running or work on the front yard.  What is holding me back?  Nothing.  So I better do it.