Monthly Archives: August 2006

educational technology for lazy bums

I love to learn things that are well laid out in front of me.  I think that schooling has tought me the expect a degree of preparedness in the courses that interest me.  A current example is Ubuntu.  I love how easy it is over other distros of linux to get up and running but I want to learn more.  I wish I could take a class on Ubuntu that covered simple linux things like installing tar balls and putting things in the right folder and how the tree structure works.  If the definition of difficult is it takes a lot of time to learn something then Linux is very difficult.  But is it difficult because I’m stupid or I had a bad teacher, in this case google and the ubuntu documentation.  If there was only a wikipedia like site that I could learn things casually.  I bookmarked a pretty cool site called that sounds interesting.  It seems like the social text of the education community.  Instead of org charts and meetings and working on the same document they’re doing whatever teachers need to do to make a course or lesson plan.  What sucks is all the cool next gen stuff is so new that courses haven’t been developed for them and books haven’t been written and peer reviewed and all that.  Education at times seems very old school and not in the cool hip way.  Well anyone working on making it cooler and up with the times leave me a comment.  I’ll add your blog to my blogroll if I figure that out.