Monthly Archives: April 2008

Educational Technology

Now that I’ve got into graduate school and started to research educational technology, I should post more to this blog. I have heard from a number of places to write everyday, most recently from Sudhir Venketesh’s dad in Gang Leader for a Day. I thought a lot of places existed online to talk about educational technology but those who study the field lag behind the hipsters of the Web 2.0 space. It’s really sad when you look at technology for specific areas like special education and bilingual education. Even qualitative research has very expensive programs that could probably coded in ruby and put online for a small fee like backpack. I’m talking about NVIVO 8, which is so expensive but really cool. I like all the functions and buttons. I had a professor explain something he could do now that he couldn’t do before and he was saying, “I could search for codes from teachers in this area who talk about Hispanics and…” and in my head I was forming SQL search strings like Select * from … tblsomething. My rails skills are not that great. After learning how two phd students made ClaimID in rails after a few weeks I thought it must be easy. 7Hallways later I have a semi-working skeleton on my local disk and not enough drive or money to host it properly. Maybe I should give rails another go, I just want to finish out this semester and start the summer off right. Maybe a technology product could be my thesis paper. I mean looking at the landscape in educational technology, comparing it the business technology space, maybe in my future research having an outline of a app or two to make. I wonder if that would count as action research?  I just don’t want to have to go into a classroom, maybe a nice one that’s mostly women or teachers and design a program with them.