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Why I follow who I follow online

I just listened to a Kevin Marks talk and I couldn’t believe I wasn’t following him on twitter.  I heard him on This Week in Google and This Week in Tech as a member of the panel.  I heard his blog at the end when they pimp their links and I searched for him.  Immediately I watched his talk he gave at Web 2.0 Expo 09 in NYC and started to create a post in my head about what he was talking about.  He sounds so smart which might be the British accent but I think not.  Watching his video, it’s like I’m going to these smart conferences and learn about the ideas behind twitter and social media.  The words he used could be posts on their own like tummeling, phatic, flow, and outgroups.

I like the idea that I will now follow him on twitter and even added his blog to my Google reader.  Over the holiday break I stopped reading Google reader and news and just focused on the backlogs of different people.  It’s like I put down the newspaper and turned off CNN and read a bunch of individual authors old books.  I went to one of Merlin’s Mann’s blogs, which I don’t have on Google reader, or Gary Vaynerchuk’s blogs and just read all the backlogs, next post, next page, until I just got tired or caught up.  I just found it fascinating how my own methods for consuming content can change.

I just noticed that Kevin doesn’t write very often since he has a real day job so I still have to figure out this bookmarking vs. RSS idea or the pull vs. push content space.  On one hand I do want to keep up to date with Techmeme and Twitter but there’s also a lot of sites that can go back and read the archive and it will help me out.  I’m sure I will have a lot to write and think about.

His video

His blog