This Week in Internet Business Politics

I was just looking at the Gina Tripani Flickr group and it’s so good that you can follow the hosts behind this week in Google and know more about them. I’m surprised Gina didn’t rep the Navy or her experience on TWiG or at least mention that she got to go on a submarine. I watched TWiG on my TV in the living room today and I thought they did a good job of covering the big Google vs. China story. I thought they could have gone deeper into the hacking story with the other companies and the stealing of Intellectual Property more than the free speech/journalism aspect. I think the free speech aspect is small compared to stealing trade secrets and the IP theft will be a bigger story going forward.

The main thing with Google vs. China seems to be what Google will do going forward. The politics of China and the US seems status quo for the most part since we have such big business ties. The main thing will be how Google responds to the hacking with the combination of IE and social engineering that seemed to have taken place. You can imagine that Google will be moving its employees to Chrome and maybe the Chrome OS over time for the security aspect. International Intellectual Property and Trade are also hot button issues that all companies should be worried about. It will be interesting to see word of these attacks trickles out from larger companies and how Google will distinguish itself from other cloud based operations in the future.

Gina Tripani Submarine Image


2 responses to “This Week in Internet Business Politics

  1. What do you think about the fact that google hasn’t released a statement yet about the whole hacking situation? It seems like a pretty big deal that google (!!) got hacked! regardless of it’s further implications. How are they going to sell something like chromium when this kind of thing could happen?

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