Monthly Archives: September 2010

fb link app

People always have a couple of links they want to share about a topic they love. I have a couple of my favorite basketball ones, tech ones, and maybe even specific to writing or grad school. People want to show off their link and see other people’s lists to see what they share and new sites to try out.


Imaginary Robert Scoble Interview

I think he plays in a river of social media. News stories, apps, twitter, just comes roaring by. He’s good at interviews and maybe putting people together, similar to Heather Gold tummelling. I just wouldn’t ask him to get out of the river and help me build a house. That could be an online philosophy of the link business. The difference between a long link and a short link. So like mashable vs and how google vs. facebook or news places like digg.

In my idea for a facebook app that shares links within small classes or topics from friends. I can see maybe a few friends making a board game, card game, or adding to other link topics. I imagine it more in Dr. Henkin’s class where they need to share teacher websites with each other. If they’re all on fb then it’s easy.

Back to philosophy, so the short link is what people remember and type into profiles and lists of their favorite websites. The long link is shared among google reader, digg, twitter, likes, and everything else. We share long links and eventually follow the short link. After we have a few stories retweeted from mashable we might as well follow them. That’s the problem with google buzz is that it’s hard to see the people who are reshared a lot, those ppl have the best content and it’s not getting out there.

Maybe Jeff Jarvis and the link economy know more. But where is the bundle of links, the curated one by experts, that will help me know more. Maybe I just miss when the web was small and everything was curated by experts discussing the philosophy of the web.